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22-02-2013, 16:21
Its great see the support from many for the data base that we are putting together. Without trying to be patronising i thought i would repost a quick guide on how to get the information needed on Google Maps . Supplying the following will help the POI to be compiled and put together quicker. We now have over 50 locations.

Cheers James

How to get the info requested using Google maps

Whilst on Google Maps:
Click on the point where the tap is.
Right Click and Select on What's Here.
This will then give you the latitude and longitude that is required.
Copy and paste.


If you need help PM me.

Please Include the following detail to speed up the compilation of the data base.

(1) longitude & latitude. (Paste from Google)
(2)as much useful info as possible : can you drive close to it for filling from a hose, On what type of building / inside or out.

Not essential but if you really want to be helpful and know how to do it, send me a streetview link.

Also , please update us if there are any problems or advise on the existing POI so we can amend as appropriate.



03-03-2013, 19:03
Hello all,

Again thanks for posting Water POI . Ive been away this weekend and will have a look at the ones posted for the POI file ASAP . As previously mentioned please can you post using google maps. I may be missing something but the easiest way for me to check them out and for the best accuracy is to use this type of grid ref 57.525424,-5.647767 . Each location takes about 10 mis to Google and try and search the tap out if viewable and then transfer into an Excel File. By using this type of grid ref will speed up the process and help me greatly . Please see my first post on this Thread on how to do this.