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Irritable Owl
24-02-2013, 14:30
For sale due to change in circumstances and now not being anywhere big enough I have been instructed by she who must be obeyed to sell Drutt as its now not big enough..
Pictures are on here on a previous post..am unable to post any more at the moment as my computer has been requisitioned and cleaned out..
Open to reasonable offers.
Mot till August..

oldish hippy
24-02-2013, 14:55
drutt hope this helps out http://www.wildcamping.co.uk/forums/self-build-motorhome/24373-drutt-how-not-build-camper-5-uneasy-lessons.html

25-02-2013, 16:07
Such a shame you have to sell it, could you tell me how many miles it's done & how it's registered, a price guide would be a help too :)

Irritable Owl
05-03-2013, 07:43
Sorry for the delay Daz,
Mileage is 212322
Am looking for 2375 or there abouts,
Mot till August 2013
If your interested give me a call on 07894- 704700

Irritable Owl
06-03-2013, 12:35
After a muppett buying it on eBay then not showing etc Drutt is still up for grabs..
Oh and to answer a previous question it is registered as a Motor Caravan on the log book.
Would consider a reasonable offer or a swap to something that sleeps 3/4 as my circumstances have radically changed.:juggle: