View Full Version : ebay seller to avoid.

10-04-2013, 19:04
This my experience of using a seller that I will certainly avoid in future.

I use ebay many times, and usually it involves buying led lighting for 240 and 12v uses.
I used one particular seller for about 5 purchases over a two month period, who sold competitively priced 12v 5m leds, and 240v 9W GU10 lamps, until recently, when two purchases did not arrive and/or arrived incomplete and not what I asked for.

bestdata look like quite a large concern, distributing from UK, but definitely oriental. Their delivery times (can be just over a week) are much better than you would get from a China dealer (just over a month!), but take a look at their Feedback before you decide to order.
They run out of stock, so it seems they then send you what they have and offer a price reduction, even tell porkies, saying they have already sent replacements, from 'lost deliveries', but unfortunately not the replacements you want/need.

I know the risks of dealing with Chinese sellers, but sometimes the risk is worth it. However, from my experience this seller tried to scam me. I got my money back, though, plus!

Quite possibly this seller may already have many other seller names, and I could end up buying from them (accidentally) again... but if asked I would say..AVOID