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19-04-2013, 19:52
Just in case anyone is thinking of visiting, you can only drive as far as the RSPB centre, part of the road has been washed away. Spoke to the lad in the centre and he said the road wouldn't be re-opened till at least mid June.

If you want to get to the end, it's about a 3.5 mile walk, each way. Just popping the last of my blisters now.

We stopped in the small carpark about a third of a mile before the RSPB centre, nice quiet night. Also the Crown and Anchor in Kilnsea keeps a good pint and it has great views across the river and the setting sun.

19-04-2013, 19:58
Thanks for the info groyne Spurn is on our list for a weekend.

Do the Crown and Anchor allow you to stop?


19-04-2013, 21:52
Didn't ask, the carpark we stayed in is about a 10 minute walk.

19-04-2013, 22:44
Sadly not visited for a couple of years but a hidden jewel.
Easington Kilnsea offer a few options

Who knows what I mean by telegraph 42 - 43

19-04-2013, 23:04
Who knows what I mean by telegraph 42 - 43

Couldn't be a good fishing spot could it? Winter cod perhaps??

19-04-2013, 23:06
Just a footnote, because Spurn Point is a bird reserve,Dogs are banned carte blanche!

Perhaps a consideration for our dog owning fraternity.

The place is well worth a visit, good chance of spotting deer,for the fisherman lug beds peelers to be found riverside to fish when the seaside is too rougj

For the " finders" good chance of unexploded ordance and on a good day fighters plaing cat and mouse over the estuary

A walk around the binks is really interesting watching ships navigate the Humber so close a half decent batsman could put a ball on the foredeck


19-04-2013, 23:13
[QUOTE=scampa;304408]Couldn't be a good fishing spot could it? Winter cod perhaps??[/QUOTE Award youself a gold star top of the class well done


19-04-2013, 23:21
I've just remembered how many years it is since I last fished off Spurn, and I'm keeping it to myself!! :)

19-04-2013, 23:30
Tbh Scampa mote productive spots in my experience aldborough and msppleton
Spurn is also good for whiting dabs and plaice summer months riverside good for seabass.........mmm where's me rod?


18-09-2013, 20:42
Hi All

After frequenting this car park for many years, looks like the Wildlife Gestapo have finally caught up with us. No overnight parking sign now. I vented my spleen with the powers that be and the response was people keep leaving rubbish etc. I never leave anything, and most of the rubbish comes from day trippers, I have picked up wrappers and cans on many occasion.

I have found out the the local campsite Mafia have got together and complained that they were losing revenue because of all the free parking sites on the peninsula. Reckon it will be No overnightiing anywhere south of Patrington within the next year or so.

I for one will not be paying 12 to be squeezed in like sardines on one of those sites - good luck to anyone else. Three other vanners I know think the same and they will move on the local economy will suffer - I worked out I have spent nearly 700 locally this last year - add another 3 and that starts to affect the locals - particularly in Winter when I spend most time down there, fishing etc, pub, local shop, fuel, gas. Last note - I was a member of the wildlife trusts etc. Not anymore.

Rant over.



18-10-2013, 20:52
My parent are there this weekend checking the area out. It's a shame as I was think of going there in the new year.