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20-03-2005, 20:20
On the A82, not long after Bridge of Orchy then Loch Tulla, after a hairpin bend that climbs up to Rannoch Moor, there is a lay-by on the left. There is a small caravan selling souvenirs and a tea bar (Steve) but only in the afternoons and a piper (Sandy). Plenty of coaches pull in there for the view, which is incredible. From there you can see 24 mountain peaks, Loch Tulla and only 4 buildings.
There is a quarry behind the lay-by that belongs to the Fleming (penicillin) family. There is a caravan there belonging to the piper. The Fleming family do not mind anyone using it provided they leave it clean and tidy and take their rubbish with them.
The deer often come down to browse overnight. The one drawback is the midge population. They are present in huge numbers. Use Avon Skin So Soft and a citronella candle to keep them at bay and hope for a stiff breeze. They can’t fly in a good wind.

31-07-2005, 11:14
we stopped here said hello to sandy took some nice photo,s and saw plently deer, bought a couple of pressys from the caravans ,the views were really great.