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30-04-2013, 15:15
I am looking for a reasonably new 50cc scooter for the back of my Hymer S700. The Hymer already has a fitted m\c rack so I just need the scooter.


30-04-2013, 17:41
I bought one of those Chinese things advertised on ebay for around the 1000 price last year. I didn't actually buy it from ebay as I noticed the company selling it was local (ish) to me so I first emailed them and then went round (in the motorhome to check it would fit). Very nice chat with the dealer and ended up parting with my cash.
It lives in the back of the motorhome all the time and does exactly what I bought it for. Something to enable me (and sometimes the wife) to park the van out of town and use the scooter to nip in for shopping or just to have a look round the local area without the problems of parking a motorhome.
It's not the fastest thing I've ever rode and build quality isn't high on the list. I would have spent a bit more if I thought I'd be using it as a commuting bike, but so far it has never let me down. It does about a million miles to the gallon, so very economical and so far no regrets in buying it.

The one thing I would be careful of if you do decide to buy ANY scooter to put ON THE BACK of your van is be wary of it being nicked. They are very easy to ride and so very desirable to youths. Make sure it is VERY secure.
Mine lives inside a garage in the back of the van (which is connect to the vehicle alarm, for any scrouts reading this!!).

30-04-2013, 19:25
The previous owner had a Strikeback alarm fitted and that has a jack on the back of the Hymer which takes a security cable which you thread through the bike and plug in to the socket and in theory, you know when the alarm goes off that someone has stolen it!!

I have seen the Chinese scooters on the www and some sites are selling them for 550 and above. I am not interested in styling, just "does it do what it says on the tin" The scooter (and generator) are probably in the category of Big Boys Toys and I suspect that I might eventually decide that they were not that necessary in the first place, but I bought the van with a fitted motorcycle rack and the alarm thingy so it is just the cost of a scooter. If I can buy a cheap(ish) second hand one and the reality matches the expectations, then I could eventually buy a new one.

A good old fashioned Vespa would be good, but they seem to be going up in value like the older VW camper vans!!

07-05-2013, 21:33

Fits A PRE 2006
Fiat Ducato / Citroen Motorhome
Good Used Condition
For Sale Due To Being Not Required

25.00 plus any postage cost
But can be collected for free from Lancs/Yorks border