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20-03-2005, 20:25
Dirt pull in lay-by on the left (from Dalmally) but behind it is another track hidden in the trees. There are 2 beaches only feet away. There is some traffic noise during the night but nothing intrusive. Nearby there are several places to visit, i.e. 3 castles, Inverary, Dunderave and Fincharn. An interesting attraction at Inverary jail with actors bringing the time to life and exhibits like the punishment machine. Auchindrain Township is an ancient west highland village open 7 days a week. Cruachan Pumped Storage |Power Station offers a trip deep under Ben Cruachan to the turbine hall and that is open 7 days too

20-03-2005, 20:30
to add something i have just remembered.

we were warned about swimming in the loch Awe any where here. Apparently the spoil from the power station was dumped in the loch making underwater mountains. if you touch one of these while swimming they can landslide causing you to be dragged under.
we were close inshore and I doubt if there are any underwater mountains that close in so we had no problems.
at the same time we were there a father and son were lost in the loch tho further round