View Full Version : Newbie just bought our MH and planning two week trip to Scotland (W Coast) any advice

07-05-2013, 19:34
Hi All

Just got our motorhome and planning a two week trip to Scotland's West Coast during last two weeks in August.

Driving up M6 please, please can anyone suggest a loose route for us to take? Will also be downloading the POI information.

Many, many thanks

Rob and Amanda

Rich and Sarah
07-05-2013, 20:14
Hi mate. welcome to the world of wild camping. Ive not done north of the border as of yet but sure you will have a great time


07-05-2013, 20:27
It all depends what you like & what you want to see! Get a 1/4" to the mile map or 5 plus a touring guide (often seen in charity shops). Lochs are nice, as are canals, beaches, mountains, castles, waterfalls, harbours & distilleries. Just pick a selection & wend your merry way around. You will not be disappointed & if you miss a few, then you have a great excuse for coming back next year.

All the islands are worth a visit, but McBraynes are not cheap despite the subsidies. Every island is different.

Keep your eyes open & travel slowly on the little roads, there is loads of wild life around, we have seen Red Kites, Ospreys, Eagles, Bitterns, Deer, otters & there is much more out there.

Falls of Clyde is a good overnight spot south of Glasgow with a Museum to Robert Owen (google him) and lovely waterfall walks plus nesting Peregrine Falcons. There is a Beaver reserve not far from the Crinan Canal in the ancient kingdom of Dalraida & loads of historic sites from Neolithic to Middle Ages. Google "Brochs" & "Crannogs" many of them are worth a visit too.

07-05-2013, 21:10
Hi and welcome to the site.

07-05-2013, 21:26
Welcome to the forum and a great way of life.

08-05-2013, 21:13
..... For your friendship, advice and kind words.

Can't wait to get a few weekends in local to me (Yorks / Durham border) but really looking forward to planning our Scotland trip and then the journey!!