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20-05-2013, 00:54
Barra: Listed location LR Borgh is a layby overlooking a campsite - not to be recommended
South Uist: OU Pollachar should be listed as a Pub Site
The nearby OR Smeircleit can't be recommended - no real parking
Add (as pub stop) Orasay Inn (level parking next to gate by cattle grid) at 57.377445 -7.299742 - Island prices, but good food.
North Uist: Visitor Centre at RSPB reserve OR Balranald now has (a) No Overnight Parking signs and (b) a camp site 50 m away (10 for van, 3 for hookup, 2 pp as I recall).
There is a 'Motorhome Parking Area', a fenced off patch of machir (grass) at about 57.613882 -7.514488 Parking charge is not displayed, but only fence and litter bin are provided so should be cheaper than campsite.
CR Hosta was nicely located, near beach but in hollow so somewhat protected from winds!

POI Admin
20-05-2013, 11:48
Thanks for the updates :)

The location at 57.613882 -7.514488 isn't visible on Streetview. Is it new?

20-05-2013, 17:07
The location at 57.613882 -7.514488 isn't visible on Streetview. Is it new?

That is correct; the 6/2009 imagery is out of date. You can't see the campsite beyond the visitor centre (end to Street View track) at 57.605204 -7.517078, and the no overnight parking sign is to the right, opposite the white building. My best estimate of the fenced motorhome parking area was also based on memory and the terrain, but you can't miss it.