View Full Version : Cockenzie, lochness, invergarry, invermoriston

01-06-2013, 11:48
Don't quite know what happened when i visited this location, my sat nav took me here


which is all private residential parking, i went further down the road and i went to a dead end, it was 1.30 am and i was very tired so did not make proper notes for you, maybe you could look at it.

Lochness states No overnight parking, its the forest one, its the cr lochness just after fort agustus

cr invermorsiton has very large NOP in the entrance by the toilets.

LR Loch Garry highland 3, has had boulders placed at one end, i drove into it but had real problems getting out, had to reverse out blind, ok if you have someone with you, don't know if you could add notes to this, as it is a nice layby.

i haven't updated my sat nav for a while so these may have been submitted, apols if they have

POI Admin
03-06-2013, 14:52
Thanks for the updates ...