View Full Version : where can i wild camp down east lothain coast

06-06-2013, 20:10
I live in port seaton and have just aquired a campervan. I want to try wild camping by a beach somewhere in east lothian ... maybe even as far as St Abbs. Does anyone know somewhere on a beach on right beside a beach where we wont get moved on. My idea is to enjoy this sunshine on secluded beach then at dusk head back to campervan , set up a wee camp fire beside the van . get the kids of to bed and enjoy a wine or too with friends and wife. Anyone got any ideas ?

07-06-2013, 08:56
Hi and welcome. You may find somewhere suitable down that way but more and more beaches are banning overnighting due to a inconsiderate minority of vanners and tenters abusing the car parks and beaches by leaving mess including burnt firepits and liquid waste and staying more than one night. Other things that get locals and councils backs up are people setting up areas next to their vans with chairs tables windbreaks etc. In the more remote areas of northern Scotland this may be less noticeable and considerate beach side overnighting may be possible. Most of the guidelines for responsible overnighting are in the wildcamping how to thread. I and most on here wildcamp all round Scotland but leave the fires and parties to the campsites that allow. Loch Earn is meant to be one place where campers with a wee fire is tolerated. The main ones are don't park to close to houses or farms, use passing places for parking or restrict access through gates, park across parking bays and always leave wherever you stop tidier than you found it. Using local businesses also helps spread good karma rather than taking all your food and drink with you. I tend to buy my fresh stuff meat etc locally and pop into the local pub for a pint. Its really all about consideration for other users and peeps who live there. The wildcamping database of overnight spots are available to full members and can be downloaded to your sat nav. This has been great for finding some really smashing places to stop and is well worth the membership fee.