View Full Version : Sterns Pivot Surf Canoe

07-06-2013, 20:40
Had this for 3 years. Used only on holidays once or twice a year and always washed down in freshwater after sea use. Although it is quite capable of dealing with rough sea conditions it is equally at home on rivers and lakes. It is in good condition, no patches with a self draining cockpit and comes with a foot pump, repair kit and carry bag - it will easily fit into most car boots and can be on the water in 5 minutes.
Only reason for sale is wife fancies a go and with the best will in the world we both wont fit into it so have bought an inflatable double. Last time this was used was at the Wc meet at Hereford(May bank holiday) it tackled The River Wye with no problems. This is a very versatile Kayak, if you want proof YouTube it and you will be amazed at its versatility. I am selling it at 250.00 which is a bargain. Come and check it out call me on 07854-383471.