View Full Version : Reighton sands car park , reighton gap, filey. North yorkshire

10-06-2013, 12:31
No camping on this car park, 24 hour camera surveillance by holiday camp owners,bourne leisure, with security man on patrol every hour. They insist the car park is for cars. Definitely no overnight stays. The security will move you in the early hours. Using excuse you have had too much to drink doesnt work, as they say you are drunk in charge of a vehicle. Take my advice, dont even go there. Path down to beach is a nightmare anyway, and absolutely no facilities.

10-06-2013, 13:11
At a guess, they are trying to stop people stopping there & sneaking into the camp to use the facilities. Why on earth would I think that???

Weeeellll, once, many years ago, a pal & I slept in my car on Pwllheli beach adjacent to Butlin's Holiday Camp & sneaked in to get free meals, go on the rides, meet girls, go swimming & visit the Entertainments. Sleeping the car wasn't the best idea we ever had, but it worked.