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Sorry a bit thick on these subjects, if i got a laptop and one of these wifi antennas could i get google earth in my van? does it cost? are there only certain places it would work? etc. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry a bit thick on these subjects, if i got a laptop and one of these wifi antennas could i get google earth in my van? does it cost? are there only certain places it would work? etc. Thanks in advance.

im in about the same position, a bit thick on all this tecno stuff but ive got a 7" tablet android thingy and have the same question, so can anyone advise please.


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The WiFi amplifier only does what is says and that is to amplify the signals you already receive and there may be others that you currently do not pick which will be received. If you for example stand outside MacDonalds at 20m and do not receive a signal the amplifier may pickup the MacDonalds signal but the content will be no different.

Your computer or pad etc needs a USB port to plug the dongle into. I cannot plug directly into my iPad however I have a standalone router which the amplifier plugs into and this then creates a WiFi hotspot that the iPad can connect to.

Hope this helps

11-06-2013, 09:17
I have a good system.
It is a hard wire antenna which plugs into the side of the dongle which in turn plugs into the USB port, it works really well.
The antenna clamps to the plastic roof so protrudes above the van.
The orange dongle works sometimes but with the antenna it works nearly every time and the connectivity is also good.
For me it is important to have good comms as I work from the van, and that means I can have more time away from my desk!

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Still no wiser.

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alternatively, put the sim in a old smartphone and set up a wifi spot. works for me with a 1 samba sim, free internet.

how is that free?

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Not sure about a 1 Samba so will be interested. I purchased a Samba data SIM for 2.50 which must have been an offer as it is 5 and provided I watch their adverts I get credited with data to surf the net. Samba runs on the 3 network and for every advert I view get a credit of 3.5 Mb and at the moment I have 964 Mb credit which I will use when I cannot get a WiFi signal, provided I get a 3 signal.

Now if you really want to get internet for free then you view the adverts when connected to a MacDonalds, or similar free, so you are using their Mb to credit your account. From a tight fisted Scot ;)

11-06-2013, 15:03
WiFi signals are deliberately designed to be short range (around 100' in clear space) to minimise interference. If you are near a WiFi source then the eqt above will help you get a better signal from a bit further away (probably only about 50-100mtrs max).

WiFi sources are available at some pubs, restaurants, camp sites etc. If you have BT Broadband & agree to share your own wifi signal then you can access all other BT Broadband "hot spots" which is probably 20% of all residential broadband customers.

BT is free to BT customers, but can be accessed by anyone for a charge. Most pubs, campsites & restaurants are also free altho some charge & you will always need an access code, just ask for it.

It is effectively a small amplifier. I can access my own BB at the bottom of the garden (about 100' from the house) but not without the amp. You can also add a more powerful aerial (directional are strongest if aligned correctly) and they can be mast mounted like TV aerial to pull in a signal fromup to about 1km away. This will cost around 20-50 quid extra.

Distances are very approx as trees, walls, buildings & other vans etc can kill a signal quite quickly.

Hope that helps, ask again if it doesn't.

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