View Full Version : Hi folks off to the highlands of scotland with 2 gran kids ages 8 & 2 any tips ????

wee nellie
24-06-2013, 08:56
:wave: Hi Folks we are away for the next 8days with the grankids they like most young kids enjoy all the excitement of camping in our MH , we plan to head up & stop over night around Aviemore ,then Tuesday head for Ullapool for 2 days then to the beautiful Skye for the rest of our tour -- any & all info MOST welcome -- good spots to stop over night --- any interesting things we should try & do or see , what to avoid ??...:scared: ..... ...:wave::wave: thanks in advance & if anyone can turn off the migdes & switch the rain off that would be a welcome bonus :rolleyes2: :) xx

oldish hippy
24-06-2013, 09:02
Have a super trip

24-06-2013, 09:05
Loch Garten ospreys? should be feeding chicks at the moment & will be on camera.

8 & 2? is a big disparity, the 2yo is a bit young for walking & you may be a bit old for carrying! But Waterfalls & Castles are good if you can manage a pushchair on rougher ground. get their imaginations going, our two used to take a couple of blankets & collect branches to make a bivouac or tippi of their own. Pond dipping & shore pools are always good & carry a good supply of their books, or let them buy new ones from any charity shops in the towns on the way. 8yo may well like reading to 2yo & vice versa, great way to encourage reading & sibling co-operation (as opposed to fighting!)

Simple games like snap for rainy days or a DVD or two (again charity shops for fresh titles). let them tell you what they want to do & what they enjoy, if you let them choose the venues, your life becomes a lot easier & they will enjoy the attention.

24-06-2013, 09:30
hi take plenty of midge repellant and make sure its safe for the young ones, also be aware of the strength of the sun on them.
look out for deer and if you can whilst at avimore go up the ski lift and take them to see the rheindeer or even highland wildlife park just outside the town.

enjoy your trip , take plenty of photographs.


24-06-2013, 09:55
when you get to Skye, head for Staffin and take the road to "The Beach" and continue right to the end of the road where you can wild camp right next to a beach, in a mini-harbour, here 57.633117,-6.198587


Kids+beach+breeze+sunshine=guaranteed fun+no midges-risk of sunburn (so plenty of cream)

theres actually a slightly better beach (more sand) before you get to the end of the road, just keep your eyes open and you'll see it.

K ;)

24-06-2013, 10:40
The Highland folk museum near Aviemore is a great day out, and it's free.
At Kyle there is a glass bottomed boat you can go on, and it's really very interesting. We saw seals, otters and the wreck of a boat from the war, as well as the sea bottom with starfish and lobsters etc.
On Skye, the Giant Angus MacAskill museum is worth a visit. It's just a wee thatched cottage, but the mannie that does the tour is lovely, and the children will be in awe at the size of him and especially his socks! You can find it in Undiscovered Scotland website.