View Full Version : Inverness/loch ness

23-03-2005, 17:27
come out of inverness on the B862 for 8 miles you come to fork in road take right fork on B852 there is pub on right with a spot to park by the beach there is a full timer there ohw looks out for nessy he,s been there for a good few years 10 or more ,but if you go through the village just as you leave there is small lay by on right you get your own beach there BUT and it is a big BUT it is right next to a coverd sewer work we stopped there and it did not smell it is fenced off and you will not see anything ;)

27-08-2008, 13:44
We're currently parked up 1 mile south of the town centre in a car park on the West Bank of the Ness, next to the swimming pool and leisure centre. A really nice spot with no signs to stop spending the night. We're not staying here overnight, but can't see it being a problem - it's at the end of a cul-de-sac so not much passing traffic. Nice views of the Ness to wake up to and fly-fishermen to watch whilst you enjoy your leisurely breakfast. Enjoy!