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13-07-2004, 09:55
On the A4 1/2 Mile East of Maidenhead there is a lay-by on the south side of the road, its set about 20 Yrds back off the road with a grass vrege between lay-by and the road. If heading out of Maidenhead it is on the Right straight after you go under the Rail way bridge as you approach Taplow. When approaching Maidenhead along the A4 from J7 of the M4 the lay-by is on the Left after Taplow before you go under Railway Bridge

Pub 1/8 Mile West on A4
Sainsbury 1 Mile East on A4
Garage 1/8 Mile West on A4
River Thames 1/2 Mile West on A4
BR Station 1/8 Mile East on A4

16-07-2004, 00:48
Look a bit closer & you'll find a track leading off the layby down to some rather fine fishing lakes, so you could end up with either a lovely trout for breakfast, or some old trout of a nitefisherman stumbling up in the middle of the night. Pretty close to the mainline railway too, as I recall from my mis-spent youth. :)

15-10-2008, 19:13
We've just used this layby whilst visiting legoland and had no problems. Yes, the road and railway are a bit noisy but not all night. The Harvester pub 2 minutes walk away does good food and the Sainsbury's is open 6am-midnight. The lane to the lake is, unfortunately, private fishing only now and has big gates preventing access, but there are some lovely walks along the river in Maidenhead about 5 minutes away. Definately a thumbs up :D
Kate x

Andrew Davies
11-06-2012, 23:34
Word of caution that in summer the field behind is often a car boot and if it rains it gets about 12 inches of water in the layby.

On the plus side the Shell garage has LPG and its opposite a motorhome dealer with some spares.