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01-07-2013, 12:21
Stayed here sat night - great place and our first wildcamping expereince. Absolutely first class :-)

Turn north off the A27 just west of the A280 - Patching is signposted on the east bound carriageway at least "Patching only"
Follow signage to Patching and just keep heading north... eventually you see a no through sign... keep going.

Eventually the road finishes just after a drive to a house in a turnaround area (unpaved) and a layby(unpaved). Its obviously used a lot by dog walkers and there are 3 footpaths that lead away from this area - we saw a flyer for a local dog show on a post here. the nearest house is a good 50m away at least. there's a bin here too. Not much evidence iof late night hoons (one discarded McDs cup and a lollipop stick).

Plenty of bushes/hedges and even a corn field for those night time trips :-)

When we got up just before 7am we'd already heard one car come and go, and another guy came though with his dog, parked just by us and he wasn't phased at all by the prospect of a campervan there.


01-07-2013, 12:24
Thanks for that ..its not too far from me. Might try it out :wave:

01-07-2013, 14:13
Thanks for that ..its not too far from me. Might try it out :wave:

If you are in the area, could you also please have a gander here if you have a little time


and see what the height of the barrier is? We never got time to check it out as we had to get off to a sea swimming clinic in Hove and were shattered at the end of the day so got home sharpish! :-)