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15-07-2013, 14:44
Not submitted new POI's for a while. But I've done a lot of travelling over the past 4 weeks. Devon, Dorset & Hants. County Durham, and D&G (again).

I've just returned from my southern trip, so I'll start there.
Spent first night in a quiet layby just south of Ilminster 50.904805,-2.943932. was joined by a couple of truckers. Nice & shady.
Next 2 night were on known POI's, A dutch couple joined my at Seaton & I had 11 other vans (& a boat) join us at the CU Bridport (already on list). Great night plenty of folk to chat to.

15-07-2013, 14:44
Saturday I stayed in a massive layby on A354 between Blandford & Salisbury 50.978102,-1.955402 (Its right on the border Chris so don't know if its dorset or hants)

15-07-2013, 14:48
Then last night I stayed at Tot Hill Services on the A34. 51.348038,-1.342871. Mainly as it was nearly midnight, as I couldn't be bothered finding a POI in the list. But there are no signs saying you have to pay anything. I walked around this morning to double check. I just pulled up in the corner of the truck park. You get the odd truck pull in, but I slept very well.

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15-07-2013, 20:06
Thanks :D

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