View Full Version : Aberdesach - anyone visited?

19-07-2013, 19:21
Hi all,

I see Aberdesach is on the POI file but I can't find any info in the forum. Has anyone stayed there overnight?

Looks like a lovely place.

23-11-2013, 14:05
There are signs saying no stopping on the lane approaching the carpark area. They are not official nor placed in the carpark/beach area. We think they refer to a gateway area to a field.

The locals don't like you stopping. Friends were approached by a local councillor about stopping and after much debate, were told that actually, they could not stop them wildcamping. No bylaws, common land.

However, it is a small parking area which is very popular by day and a ton of motorhomes would be taking the p*ss!

We have stopped there for the odd night but if there were many other motorhomes parked up we would move on out of respect. It's only fair.

I would say that it is a place to stay with great discretion and bearing in mind it's a residential area as well, using great respect. Don't stop if there are others already there, it will really wind up the residents.