View Full Version : CR Semer Water / Countersett

25-07-2013, 14:54
This is a beautiful spot. A beach on a lake, which we swam in to cool off. It is definitely 'wild' but is on private land. The farmer charges 2.50 to park all day. Parking overnight in a CV/MH is between 4.50 and 9.00 depending on the size of the van. There are no amenities there. The notice says to go to the farmhouse to pay, which we did. But the woman was not able to deal with overnight parking so we could not pay her, she also could not tell us how much it would be. The farmer came along in the evening for his money. Cars were coming and going all the time but I don't think any of them paid for parking.

There is a small layby just over the bridge on the left, heading north. N 54 17.090, W 2 07.370. The road is very quiet.

25-07-2013, 18:22
My house in the Dales is in Stalling Busk, about 1 mile away. The cars you saw were probably locals, who don't pay... but if you look like a tourist you need to pay ;)

05-08-2013, 17:55
OK I don't have a camper but a Caravan wild camper instead.
I stayed at the Semer water last week, arrived at 9pm and the farmer was right on my tail before i even setup.
Charged me 8quid and i felt ripped off, if it had been earlier i would have told him to stick it where the sun don't shine.
Great views though but not really a wild camping location if you have to pay for it.