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25-02-2008, 05:55
I am selling this truck as i don,t have time for it with working overseas
Its Taxed till31/8/08 and i wil MOT it this week and i am putting new brake discs on the front and new batteries its never let me down.
And i am open to reasonable offers it will make a good home or overland experdition truck for someone.
Can Phone me 07816350540

http://www.stealthcamper.com/index.htm All Infomation here

I will throw in a genset and tools if good offer.

26-02-2008, 14:59
I hope you get some takers, that is a great project, and some really nice parts used in the build.

I'm in the market for another van at the moment but I think that one is too big for me. I'd be more interested in his Iveco Stealth camper. I believe he's also sold that one on, and is now living in India.

28-02-2008, 13:43
Well it got a full 12 months MOT today
New front brake discs and pads.New rear brake sensing valve and rear brake pipes and couple of new batteries.
Taxed till 31/08 /08
The night heater i changed for the new airtronic type and works OK checked today.
Three way fridge works on Gas and 220 Volt no 12 volt on truck checked today lit and working ok on gas and electric.
The gas boiler i put a new pilot burner kit and its working OK
Water pump is ok
The engine as been checked over and no problems.
Not looking for big money.

03-03-2008, 11:12
I am only asking 2000 for it a good deal for someone

03-03-2008, 11:46
Wow, that's a bargain considering the amount of work and parts that's gone into that. I would have said it was worth at least 7-10 k

03-03-2008, 17:21
I know it worth more but i need to sell it has i don,t have much time for it now
i lived in it here for nealy three years full time so that saved me money. The bloke who built it lost a fortune i have all the receipts for the parts he bought and his time.And this is the first time i have had to spend for the MOT every time before it went straight thought.

06-03-2008, 20:05
I have decided to keep the truck now cannot just give it away will keep it another year and then decide.

08-03-2008, 14:13
If you change your mind again let me know

20-03-2008, 07:12
Cas give me a call please

20-03-2008, 15:18
its back up for sale if anyone is interested call me

20-03-2008, 20:19
its being discussed on other forums this van of yours it would seem. only good things to be said about it mind you :D http://www.brick-yard.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=24642&PN=4


21-03-2008, 16:35
Has of 17.00 hrs today Bigmerc has a new owner .

21-03-2008, 20:24
And Im renaming her MATILDA, collecting her nezt saturday

21-03-2008, 20:43
well done cas!
"matilda" is some cracking vechile ive been reading through the work
bigmerc has done on her, and all i can say is wow! :eek:
enjoy your new aquisition! :D

22-03-2008, 06:34
Thanks Im sure I will, Ive got to find somewere safe to keep her by Saturday :eek: but I have a couple of places in mind, then the next job is get Hizzy (the starcraft) sorted and gone, then more cupboards in Matilda and my LPG fited for cooking,

22-03-2008, 10:43
Ooo you lucky girl, enjoy.

22-03-2008, 14:43
well done cas!
"matilda" is some cracking vechile ive been reading through the work
bigmerc has done on her, and all i can say is wow! :eek:
enjoy your new aquisition! :D

I skipped the reading just looked at the pictures lol, just want the week to fly now so I can get her :D