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n brown
20-08-2013, 09:03
the British ambassador was leaving his embassy in Washington,and a reporter asked him what he'd like for Christmas.''thank you very much'' he said'' but as a member of Her Majesty's Diplomatic Corps i'm afraid i'm not allowed to accept gifts''
''could you then treat it as a hypothetical question, Your Excellency ,our audience would be very interested in your reply?''asked the reporter
''in that case'' said the diplomat with a chuckle '' were it possible for me to receive gifts,then I am particularly partial to candied fruits,so a box of these would be very much appreciated.''
''thank you very much,your Excellency'' said the hack as the Ambassador moved off.

that evening the ambassador was watching the news with his family when the reporter who'd questioned him came on the screen
'' today we have been asking the many foreign ambassadors who live in our great city what they would like for Christmas,and getting some very interesting answers;the French ambassador asked for an end to strife in the Middle East, the German ambassador for an end to suffering in the drought afflicted countries in Africa and so on,the British ambassador however, would like nothing better than a box of candied fruit !''