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31-08-2013, 21:44
Fancy going to the illuminations this year and was wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere to park up?

01-09-2013, 06:50
Hi Rach.

Blackpool is a nightmare for Motorhome Parking and there are numerous threads about it.

For one reason or another the Blackpool Council website is temporarily down or has a problem :-

Blackpool Council - Services - A to Z (http://blackpool.gov.uk/services/?Letter=p)

I`ll have a look and see if i can find the info another way for you.

Please make sure you look for and read any Signs / Notices / Information boards including the ones on Car parks as well.

Basically you are not allowed to park on the Promenade or even use the On Street Pay and Display spaces either except on a couple
of the Larger Car Parks.

This also includes Blue Badge parking as well and they will and do issue tickets.

There is however an alternative that is only a couple of miles away and is at the right end of the Illuminations for the drive through or for
doing them by Public Transport.

Lytham St. Annes is very close and they welcome Motorhomes including Official Overnight parking.


The entrance is off South Promenade and opposite East Bank Road.

Many people have spent the night here and the Car Park is right on the front next to the beach.

By using the official car park you know that you`re not going to get the dreaded knock at daft O`clock with a jobsworth saying " You can`t park here "
or worst still ending up with a ticket.

Hope this helps



John Thompson
01-09-2013, 07:27
Try this

Search Results (http://www.tmcto.org/index.php/component/search_gmapfp/?Country=16:United_Kingdom&County=257:Lancashire&City=-All-&Categorie=-All-&Order=Newest&Modid=150-search-gmapfp&Itemid=242)

01-09-2013, 08:14
Try this

Search Results (http://www.tmcto.org/index.php/component/search_gmapfp/?Country=16:United_Kingdom&County=257:Lancashire&City=-All-&Categorie=-All-&Order=Newest&Modid=150-search-gmapfp&Itemid=242)

Interesting looking site just joined.

01-09-2013, 09:54
Hello there, I stayed there a couple of weeks ago. It was on the South shore about 4 miles north of the tower. There were plenty of camper vans and a caravan parked up. There are some new signs warning about overnight camping in vans/motorhomes but I was told there was some confusion as to whether these are enforceable and for the time being you will be left alone. I would always double check beforehand mind. There is a public toilet very close by where you can get water at a cost of 20p. Nice views of the beach and not really too noisy. I don't know what it'll be like around the illuminations tho. Cheers Dave.

01-09-2013, 10:18
Blackpool is not exactly made for wild camping is it - not exactly going to be peaceful where you stay in and around the town area. There is a campsite called Hampton Road Social Club - good location for everything with CCTV security etc and just right if you want to see the sights and attractions knowing your van is very safe, esp if you have a dog as well - I have used Lytham but it is nowhere near the town so I just bite the bullet and pay the rates - unlike the rest of the UK where I wild it.