View Full Version : Nokia 2610 Mobile

02-03-2008, 19:04
This was bought for me as a Christmas prezzie, this year, to replace my Nokia 1110
which was a basic phone. But the 2610 is too high fallutiní for me to get my head round.
I donít like the colour screen, & have difficulty reading it without my glasses,
which I donít want to have to carry around with me. So it has to go, as I have got myself a Nokia 1200 which is just perfect for my basic phone needs. (Does it show that Iím old?)
It still has the plastic protective cover on the screen, charger, user manual, Sim card on the Orange PAYT . Havenít a clue whether itís locked.
Itís as youíd get it from the shop, boxed etc.
The full spec is here, http://www.nokia.co.uk/link?cid=EDITORIAL_28968
Thereís loads of goodies on it that Iíll never use, even if I could figure out how to.
So if the 2610 is the Ďphone for you.........
Can't be ar**d putting it on eBay, but I reckon £18 inc. P&P is a fair price. innit?