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11-09-2013, 15:26
Tried to wild in Orford Ness but was told by the lady in the National Trust office on the quay that there is no camping (wilding) in the parish, there is however on the quay itself no indications that you cannot park / sleep . Is it a risk you take? There is a tap with a hose on the public toilet wall which is in the main car park(again no overnighting). Then it was onwards to Dunwich which is a N.T. heath , again no wilding ,but we took a chance and had a good nights sleep. We were caught out and just said that we never saw the sign. Again we filled up with water and emptied the thunderbox at the toilets on site. Also stayed at the NT car park at Flatford Mill (Constables haywain). There are no signs at this spot for no overnighting as its an open carpark, there is however no toilets or provisions to MT the toilet. This was a nice spot.
I am now getting to think that if you display your NT sticker on the windscreen you may plead ignorance on the pretext of trying to get into the NT property if you are challenged. Sutton Hoo is not so accommodating.

11-09-2013, 16:02
We stopped at Kynance Cove on The Lizard Peninsula this is NT and the guy said he went home at 5pm and arrived at 9am in the morning. If you are not a member and you are there when he arrives then you pay the day rate even if you are on your way out. He caught a couple of vans while we were there. He has removed the tap top in the toilet to stop you filling up. We waited till he had gone and then lifted the Man Hole cover behind the toilets and emptied ours that way. Really nice place. Also stayed in the car park at front of Coast Guard Station in Falmouth.

12-09-2013, 15:23
Further to my previous post about Suffolk wilding, we have just spent the afternoon at Melford Hall in Long Melford , When you leave the main carpark look right towards the Black Lion pub and you will see a large church on a hill overlooking the common. We are currently parked there ,there are no signs of any description with regards to parking as it seems to be common land. There is also a cemetery next to the church so my guess is there will be water also ,but I havn,t looked.

Older Gurna
30-09-2013, 18:03
Flatford N/T Car Park: Staff there are ok with over-nighting; You may have to pay 3 if not members. Yes, a good spot for a good kip!
Orford: The overflow car park is where We go..........tho' it's now a Council-controlled cp & not the 'charitable trust' concern that it was...The Pub L/L once told Me that if We were asked to move, just move into His cp!! (Pub's changed hands now tho'....)
Should imagine that cp for Orford Castle would be ok too.....
Long Melford: Well done! would've thought that a local or two may have got stroppy about parking there....?
Dunwich: If Your Van is n't too big, there's another, smaller area to park; just a short distance up the road from the cp.....no signs here yet!