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05-10-2013, 17:58
After having some rubbish nights sleep, I decided enough was enough. Saw these people at the Lincoln Motor home show, CareAvan for Caravan, Motor Home & Boat Cushions (http://careavan.org/) .
They suggested we went down to the factory & tried out various combo's of foam spring etc. I had thought of just getting a 4ft mattress, but when we took the old mattress out & measured it, found it to be a lot narrower at one end than the other.
Went down to the factory on Thursday, expecting to have to go back for the mattress, but they made it for us while we were there.
I tried different variations, but ended up with 4" firm foam, & 2 inch memory foam, which they duly made into a proper mattress with a proper unzippable cover. Paul the boss, was really helpful - no pressure to buy just wanted us to end up with a good mattress. I had thought of having reflex foam & memory foam, which would have been more expensive, but his advice was - "there is no point, as you won't get any more benefit using reflex foam with the memory foam"

The mattress wasn't cheap - but you spend a almost a third of your life in bed, so worth the investment.

I had looked on the net and was very sceptical re foam mattresses, the give away sign is "suitable for children's room".

While we were there, there was another couple who were getting a full refurb on their hobby van, seat cushions, the lot. They had had their van for 9 years, couldn't see another one that
they like as much, so decided to renew all the upholstery. Much cheaper than getting another van, but getting the comfort back in the old one.

I found out why the mattress was so uncomfortable when we took the mattress cover off. It was a so called "encapsulated mattress". It was made up of a thin, 1" layer of poor quality foam, surrounding a very weak set of short pocket springs. Absolute garbage which ended up in the skip. I cannot believe that was the quality of the materials in what would originally, 3 years ago, be a damned expensive van.

05-10-2013, 19:56
Glad to know you got your new mattress Jen and can look forward to many nights excellent sleep:sleep-040:

05-10-2013, 21:04
What is reflex foam

06-10-2013, 00:21
Reflex Foam is quite springy - Instead of like normal foam compacting downwards, it sort of evens out sideways - hope that makes sense.

06-10-2013, 10:48
I am a little confused. Have you not just had a long saga about your new MH??? Was the mattress for the new van or a previous incarnation?

06-10-2013, 16:27
I am a little confused. Have you not just had a long saga about your new MH??? Was the mattress for the new van or a previous incarnation?

Are you confusing Jenny with Penny Covey? It was Penny that just had loads of hassle getting her new van.

I agree Jenny .money well spent if you get a better nights sleep. Have you slept on it yet?.
Thatas appalling what they had put in originally, really ppor skimping on something that you cannot see but can make such a big difference to your enjoyment of the van :)

06-10-2013, 18:49
Hi Anne, not slept on it yet - but it even feels better to crawl on when trying to get the stuff off the back shelf. I used to dread climbing on to the other one.