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06-10-2013, 08:44
Hi heading north towards Calais . Anyone know vet in the area for statutory worming for dog ? Last time cost 60 which seemed very expensive

06-10-2013, 09:14
If you are coming up from the West, we have used Dr Martine SCHAEFER at Wimereux. (03 21 83 46 02) Cost last year was 32 euros (which was for both worming and spot on)

If coming up the A25, we used Dr George BLONDEAU at Bavay (tele 03 27 66 88 11) this year, which was free of charge :-)

06-10-2013, 17:47
We just walk into any vet in both large and small towns, and haven't ever had any trouble getting our dog's passport filled in. On one occasion the vet never even touched our dog, just looked at him, filled the passport in with the correct date for our crossing (which was different to that days date may I add) gave us the tablet to administer ourselves, and took 27 Euros of us.

He said the part of the passport which says something like "Fitness to travel" is only for breaders or show dogs, and doesn't need filling in, also he never even scanned the chip to identify the dog, and neither did P & O when we booked in at Calais.

The vets know how much of a farse it is, so maybe just go for the scuffiest looking practice, which may be a bit cheaper.


06-10-2013, 18:11
75 aristide brained 62100 Calais dr ferme dr messian dr norel this is opposite hotel de ville (town hall) theres the park as you stand with your back to town hall on the corner to the right of park is the road runs down the right side with the chip kiosk on that corner vet is 50 meters down there I paid 40 euros
you are better if your going further afield to get it done there it will be cheaper I had mine dogs done in Croatia this year 7.50 hope this helps & makes sense

06-10-2013, 19:23
The further away from calais the better. 1st time ever we paid 60euro in calais. weve not paid over 10 euros the last 2 years.

06-10-2013, 20:42
Heres a vets list for France

06-10-2013, 21:19
I'm a bit out of touch with this (lost our doggy a while back) but, for the future in case you're not aware, you can buy your meds cheaply online and take them along with you to keep the cost down

07-10-2013, 15:56
Thanks to all for extremely helpful suggestions .