View Full Version : This guy gets an invite for dinner

06-10-2013, 17:12
This guy meets a new girl and is invited back for dinner to meet the family.
Before he goes he checks the weather and notices a chance that its going to rain so he puts a small tub of Vaseline in his pocket and a small piece of rag so he can wipe the rain off his new bike.

Anyway off he goes.

When he arrives his new young lady pulls him to one side and says that they have a rule in the house that if anyone speaks at the table then they must wash and dry all the pots and pans. As he sits down he notices the pile of pots and pans in the kitchen.

All the way through the meal no one says a word. So as the desserts are served he grabs his new lady pulls down her knickers and has his way with her on the table.

Nothing is said.

So he grabs the girls mother and has his way with her on the dinning table.

Nothing is said.

At this point he noticed that it has just started to rain so he reaches into his pocket for the rag and pot of Vaseline so he can go and wipe the rain off his new bike.

At this point the father seeing the Vaseline jumps up and says Ok .. I'll do the pots ...........