View Full Version : Advice Please!! on Solar panel and cleaning Thetford toilet cassette

08-10-2013, 13:48
We would be extremely grateful for advice on 2 subjects.

1. We want to have a 100watt solar panel fixed to our Swift Sundance 620fb. We are travelling at present but will be back home in Winchester Hampshire sometime next year. Can anyone recommend a company in our area to supply and fix at a reasonable price? Their e-mail address would be useful as we can contact them online.

2. We have been away in France, Italy and now Switzerland for 6 months and have noticed a build up of crystals inside the Thetford toilet cassette. We do take it apart and clean it regularly but what is the best way to clean the inside of the cassette to clear the crystals? Thetford recommend using their product but We are sure you know something better!!??

Your help and advice would be much appreciated.
Kind regards
Karen & Adrian

Sharon the Cat
08-10-2013, 14:28
You could try vinegar or maybe even caustic soda on the crystal build-up.

It would probably make the solar panel nice & shiny too. :dance:

08-10-2013, 14:59
I would not use caustic soda - soda crystals would be better ;)

08-10-2013, 15:01
It sound like the crystals will be Uric Acid building up, vinegar solution should dissolve them, use white vinegar. May be worth visiting your nearest caravan dealer and reading the active contents of the Thetford cleaner to see what they use. Not sure about caustic soda, it may pose a risk to some of the cassette components.

Best way is to put a 50-50 solution in about 1/4 of the cassette and go for a drive! While you are at it do the same with the grey water tank and use a cheap diluting orange juice, removes the smells you can get from the waste tank. I normally do this on the final run home after I have emptied the grey tank for the last time.