View Full Version : Oyster Sat TV issues

09-10-2013, 15:12
Having arrived in southern Spain, my Oyster Digital TV system seemed to have taken its bat home and given up finding the Astra satellites.

Another problem was an alarming groaning sound when the dish deployed which sounded as though my whole Hymer was about to expire.

Having exchanged info with Dave who posted another Oyster thread from Porto, I had an email chat with Oyster Support.

On my LNB, I had "skewed" my LNB by turning the LNB clockwise (looking at the dish with the back of the LNB pointing towards me).

The LNB is locked in place by a plastic clamp held in place by two pozi screws. Loosen the two screws. The coax cable to the control box exits the LNB at the bottom (6 o'clock) Turn the LNB clockwise so that the coax wire now points to 8 o'clock and retighten the two screws that clamp the LNB in position.

With the LNB in the 6 o'clock position, my Oyster Digital would only find 30% of the Astra2 channels. With the LNB at 8 o'clock, I get virtually all the Astra2 channels including BBC and iTV.

The groaning sound was simple to fix!! The metal arm that connects the LNB to the dish has a triangular piece of plastic which is a guide that locks over the edge of the sat base. Put a blob of Vaseline on the pointy bit of the plastic and the grove it runs in when locked down and you will listen to the sound of silence when the dish deploys.:lol-053:

Mind you, as it is 30c here it gets hot on the roof where the checker plate is. Burns the tootsies!!