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11-10-2013, 09:42
Pulled from another forum,

Apparently Steve Palmer is a Lincolnshire County Councillor.


Sharon the Cat
11-10-2013, 10:20
It's a pity to see someone "in authority" who can't even use the English language properly.

The Camper
11-10-2013, 10:24
Looks like admin may have to change the name of this site to freeloaders.co.uk :)

11-10-2013, 10:38
... and councillors are never 'freeloaders' are they?


11-10-2013, 10:45
Next year he will be wondering why the local businesses are finding trade is dying off

11-10-2013, 10:46
Maybe I'm missing the point, but this seems to be a fair response.

Steve Palmer is rejecting the title of 'WildCampers' to describe the people causing the problem. Instead he is calling them 'Freeloaders'. In that sense he is correct.
The problem is not from the occasional Wildcamper who stops over one or two nights. Generally these people (and this is the catogory I feel part of) go to the Terrace as a mini break and as such will spend money in the local area, even if it's just having fish and chips or a pint in the local public house.

I fully agree that Huttoft and Mog's Eye has a big problem with 'long termers' that have, through their couldn't care less atitude, brought this upon themselves and would second the term 'freeloader' for these people.

The letter goes on to state that "Once the new by laws are in place the plan is to open the barriers in the day time and lock them at night". Which seems a shame for the few who do look after the area, but I can see the reasoning behind it, assuming he sticks to his word and the barrier is removed during the day. If it isn't, then this is a seperate issue which is down the line of discriminating against motorhome owners.

In my opinion, when the barriers do start to be opened during the day we as members need to actively use the site during the day and for them to make a big effort to make sure that they 'leave nothing but memories'.
This way, we have a good agrument to open discussions about making the area 24hr parking. Even to charge a nominal fee for the service.

11-10-2013, 11:48
It will cost money to open & lose the barriers morning & night - I can't actually see that happening in the current climate of increased cuts in Govt grants to Councils. Perhaps the idea of a small charge might offset the cost & even generate a small income. But again, "freeloaders" will always try to avoid charges so policing becomes a problem.

One of the reasons Full-timers are so disliked is that without a permanent address it is hard to issue summonses & parking fines etc etc, or to send the bailiffs round! :ninja: