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13-10-2013, 12:19
Work requires me to attend a training course in Holmewood Chesterfield from tomorrow for four days. So the camper is out of hibernation and earning its keep.

I have checked the POIs and cant see anything obvious, Does anyone know of a couple of quiet spots close by ?

Perhaps mid week tbh I will use a campsite for the ehu grey tipping etc..

Any spots gratefully received


13-10-2013, 12:33
I used to know the area a little but it was a few years ago. I remember a couple of Trading Estates around Staveley which might be OK.

Have you tried ringing round a few Pubs? I am sure they will be sympathetic to one of their own.

There is one area that might do, I will google Earth it and see if I can find it. It was the parking area of a Community Centre where they held the South Yorkshire Whippet Championship Show (and yes, I know it is NOT in Yorkshire :lol-061:)

13-10-2013, 13:21
hi theres a lorry park not far from J29 at Holmewood, theres also a small campsite on a farm at Pilsley together with a camping and caravan club site at Teversal which is open all year, if your a member its very cheap now as its out of season.

good luck.


27-10-2013, 08:57
A little update, the C and CC site at Teversal quoted 19.50 per night, this reduced to 12.50 per night if a member.

In the end I parked outside, the J29 truckstop along with some trucks for company, free of charge.( suggested by a member of staff at the truckstop itself)

The Truckstop offerrs reasonably priced meals, 5-6 region, a 7 minute shower for 1.50 its clean, and all the staff were friendly.

There is a bar on site too, and the prices no more than your average pub.

The truckstop is literally two minutes from Junction 29 of the M1, and is worthy of a stopoff for those of you using the M1.

It turned out the truckstop was literally 200 metres from where I needed to be, so I didnt spend as much on fuel as I anticipated. BTW the fuel there is payable only by card.