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16-10-2013, 17:57
There is an article in this months MMM Mag that might affect members on here.

Hankook are recalling their Hankook RA08 Tyres with the following sizes and marks.

All the ones affected are stamped Made in Hungary.

185/75R16 RA08 ( marked DOT 2X VF JM H 1308 to 2309 ) manufactured from week 13, 2008 to week 23, 2009.

205/75R16 RA08 ( marked DOT 2X VD JM H 1408 to 2309 ) manufactured from week 14, 2008 to week 23, 2009.

215/75R16 RA08 ( marked DOT 2X W8 JM H 1408 to 2309 ) manufactured from week 14, 2008 to week 23, 2009.

Hankook Tyres UK will exchange them free of charge, please call 01327 304141 if you are affected

P.S. Admin can we please keep this near the top it is Important. Thank You.

16-10-2013, 20:48
This is the recall on the Hankook website :- United Kingdom - Hankook (http://www.hankooktire-eu.com/uk/service/voluntary-recall/united-kingdom.html)

Please note the Bold Type in the article. It also shows you where the markings are on the tyres.

RoadTrek Boy
17-10-2013, 17:08


just jane
17-10-2013, 17:35
I wonder why its taken so long to do the recall, my tyre man said he had had a few delaminate at speed and that was in March 2009.

27-11-2013, 19:49
Good post. I have Hancook Tyres but not of the size that are being recalled. May buy new tyres next year anyway.