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17-10-2013, 20:57

Noticed that some of the forum are doing polls of various sorts. It's an option in the software used by the forum ..

Right down at the very bottom it says create a poll . So I did with a choice of answers ..


oldish hippy
17-10-2013, 22:08
so whats the point of this poll or is a test poll toi see how i t works or just to see what the best colour is or is it to see what is the prettiest colour and with it being a public poll you can laso see who voted for what

17-10-2013, 22:10
You lot are clearly all very "yellowist". :wacko:

n brown
17-10-2013, 22:13
I like all colours,they make my black and white world so much more interesting

David & Ann
17-10-2013, 22:13
How come there are 5 votes in when only 3 replies to this post (Not counting myself) Something is fishy !!!!☺☺☺

oldish hippy
17-10-2013, 23:10
well you can vote without replying

Blodwyn Pig
18-10-2013, 00:04
What have got against blue? :lol-049:

oldish hippy
18-10-2013, 11:59
it show up when you create a new thread it is at bottom of page