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17-10-2013, 21:58
Has anyone had issues getting booked into truck stops?
A friend tried to use one on the M6 recently with his motor home as he was nodding off and had a distance to go and was told that motor homes were not permitted in truck stops!
As a truck driver who used the place on a bi weekly basis he was a bit miffed; and needless to say he's found another to park his unit and trailer in overnight now, as have the other lads who work with him!
Most truck stops will readily allow vans, I wonder if they have a clause restricting motor homes?

17-10-2013, 22:04
I have used truck stops just as a B & B when contracting (especially in the SE of England). It was some years ago but nobody questioned the fact that I was a pedestrian instead of a trucker. The Luton truck stop was a cracking place for a few nights, live entertainment, cheap beer and decent food ...... what more do you need. :D