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19-10-2013, 10:47
Have tickets for Hampden on 29th July (morning & evening) and hope to get others for other events later in the week. Already sites are booked - and charging for the privilege - or in the case of Caravan club site at Strathclyde country park booking for non members does not start til March - by that time it will no doubt be well booked:sad:
Just wondering if anyone knows if there are going to be temporary sites in the Glasgow area for the games, or if by any chance anyone has a spare corner of ground/drive for a few nights in exchange for a few free nights in the highlands, a Gathering/minimeet next summer (available, of course to any forum member.:D) or just a bottle of something .................
Or anyone willing to organise a meet for the Games????

23-10-2013, 16:06
Thanks Tom for your PMs.
I now have tickets for various venues from Monday 28th - Thursday 31st July. We have provisionally booked a campsite near Stirling for the duration, but I am amazed that so little is being laid on for caravans/motorhomes.

I quote from a response from the Glasgow 2014 team:

"Firstly, unfortunately there will be no parking available at any of the games time venues. Glasgow 2014 is trying to promote a environmentally friendly games by encouraging spectators to either walk or use public transport, which will be free within Glasgow on the days which you have tickets for."

I trust that there will be plenty of parking, somewhere.

"Secondly, with regards to accommodation for caravans/motorhomes, I would recommend you check out a few websites. These are Visit Scotland, People make Glasgow and Camping Ninja. These should contain information which you may find helpful."

I searched VisitScotland - result:
"Your query returned 0 results. You may want to widen your search or uncheck the "Search for Availability" checkbox" :confused:


"Want to begin planning your trip? Why not download our list of more than 40 hotels to help inform your choice.

For alternative accommodation in and around Glasgow, including B&Bs, guesthouses, serviced apartments and student rooms, check out visitscotland.com or www.booking.com" Campsites????????

Campingninja: Glasgow entered.
"Campsites within 50 miles of Map Location Sorry, no campsites found"

We're from Scotland, and know the Glasgow area reasonably well. I hope anyone coming from further afield - with caravans or motorhomes - are aware that there will be problems.

If there is anyone out there with a field, near to a bus stop or train station, within 20 or 30 miles of Glasgow PLEASE consider making it available for a reasonable contribution from each van, for the duration of the Commonwealth Games next summer