View Full Version : Alvor, Portugal

21-10-2013, 14:29
We have just returned from an 11 night break in beautiful Alvor...didn't take the van this time but we did spot a good aires very near to the beach. Had a quick stroll around to see if we could spot any GB plates or WC stickers but didn't want to look to suspicious!:ninja:

Hubby is already on taking the van back down there next year:)

21-10-2013, 16:54
Alvor is certainly a nice spot and also close to Portimao for serious shopping. There are however many more lovely places in the Algarve, especially inland. We lived there for a couple of years and will be wintering there this year probably based in Silves or Tunes

n brown
21-10-2013, 17:17
the series of little beaches to the east of Alvor are my favourites along the Algarve,especially off season. I fitted a number of bars in Alvor,can't say I like the village much. there's also some lovely lagoons to the west of the place ,accessed over a causeway,itself accessed from Meia Praia near Lagos

22-10-2013, 11:17
Obviously we all like different places....Alvor is very special to us, my husband proposed to me there several years ago & we have made many friends there also. It was a shame to see so many places closed down this year...the lack of "shopping" etc is what we like about the place:p

Saying that, we will definately drive about and discover other places in the area (as rightly, there are so many other lovely places) when we are next in the Algarve.

Happy Holidays to you all, wherever you go :wave: