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22-10-2013, 09:59
Hi campers,

We have had a great run down the south coast of France and in to Spain.We have tried to keep on the red N routes were possible and the sat nav seemed to want to put us on to the pay motorways even when they ran along side the reds.The only bad time driving we had was missing one of the through roads in Barcelona and we were dropped in to the middle of the city,with scooters and motor bikes passing on both sides pushing to get to the front of the grid on the lights.When we passed the Barcelona Cathedral the sat nav had given up completely so I pulled it off the mount and shouted to Pat to get Tarragona in it quick and just prayed nothing would hit me.I have driven in a few City's in my life but that was the worst in a 22 foot Motorhome. All sites so far are great and will look for some Aires or free sites once my Grandaughter returns home as I need a all singing and dancing site to keep her amused at half term as she decided to fly out to us .Here's a few pics and the weather is HOT, HOT, HOT,


23-10-2013, 13:16
Lovely photos Snowbird.