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14-04-2005, 20:11
This is the first time i have used this site ,and i was hoping that their are people out there that may be able to share information on going full time.
I,ve had motorhomes for many year,s and now my wife and i find were in a possision which we feel it,s time to do this befor we get to bogged down with the rat race, is there anyone out their who can share advice :

24-07-2006, 18:35
hi stryder, we are also wishing to go full time motorhoming very soon before the good lord calls me and i,m only 53 and Irene my partner the same age no point in waitng till i retire when life has then so many complecations ect health we r hoping to live england summer months & abroad winter months Spain or Portugal there,s a very true saying yr a long time dead , we,ve got to make the most of this its no rehearsal be in touch maybe we can all set of on our adventures together kindest regards howard & Irene

25-07-2006, 10:46
Hi all. We have been Full-Timing and mainly Wild-Camping for nearly 6 years. We usually spend at least 6 months of the Winter mainly in Spain. We have been retired since October 1996. I didn't retire to escape the Rat Race. I don't think I was ever in it. I always said I would retire at 45 but I was a little older at 52. As you say. You are a LONG time dead. Enjoy whatever comes your way. The good and the bad. They are all experiences you will have to face along the path.

01-08-2006, 11:49
Hi all, Looking to swap my 2 berth Ace Capri for a auto-trail Cheyenne 632 fixed bed,before embarking on our full time adventures,don't know if to buy solar panel that tracks the sun, or purchase another battery has wild camping will be implemented most of the time. Does any one have a kippor geni are they noisy and worth there money.
Any fulltimers that have a list of things required for full-timing wud be most appriciated, after 6 years full-timing i bet u have learnt a great deal to make yr life has easy as possible, i do admire yr spirit of adventure maybe soon we will be off ourselfs.