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24-10-2013, 17:43
Just my 2p............Something Ive been meaning to talk/ask about for a while...shamelessly reminded and prompted by the other environment post!:o
Im building my van interior on a budget,and Im coming across all sorts of bits and bobs to use.(Incidentally,one thing that is really annoying me is the cost of timber nowadays.)I may have to buy some for the pull-out bed slats and it really is annoying me!
Anyway,back to the plot. Over the years Ive looked at various 'van interiors ,and they all seem a bit sameish (absolutely purely personal choice of course) I really do like the look of the old Vardo gypsy vans ,and also some of the 'new age traveller' vans.They always appear to be very 'homely'.Due to the eclectic mix of stuff I seem to be collecting,I think I'll go for that sort of style,as Im trying to keep the cost down a lot!

24-10-2013, 18:25
have you tried asking about spare wood at local bonfires? I pass one and the amount of new wood they are planning to burn is criminal.:mad2:

n brown
24-10-2013, 18:33
what ? buy slats ! find sheet metal firms and check out their pallets-they either heavy duty out of 3 x 2 or more ,or made from 4or 5x1 and 10 foot long or more,and they often just want rid of them.have a look at the ambulance I just did,that wasdone quite cheap

24-10-2013, 19:23
Got pallets at work ,but the wood is a bit rough. Once sanded smooth(er) it gets a bit too thin TBH.Looked at pucka bed slats for sale,nice wood,but a bit too expensive for me. Yep,Im being a cheapskate for this build,but normally I buy the best gear (and tend to waste a lot of money) as SWMBO keeps telling me!

n brown
24-10-2013, 19:33
better to plane it with an electric plane. how thick do you want it? 18mm is plenty. maybe go to your local timber merchant and see if they have any damaged 18mm sheets of ply. if you have a bench saw get old hardwood window frames from the double glazing boys' skip ,there's loads of them.flooring firms have floor boards to get rid of too

24-10-2013, 19:50
pity the poor driver of a skip lorry who breaks down nr you mr brown youll have his load hoovered in no time.....

24-10-2013, 20:49
hi why dont you look at the recycle depots they might have some old slad beds

25-10-2013, 01:28
Try freecycle for old kids beds, bunk beds etc. A friend gave me the slats from a bed they were getting rid of for firewood, made great kindling, easy to chop and split and nice and dry. I wish I'd kept some of them now, they'd have been good for my van.

Good luck with your build. My van is the latter of the two you describe, more homely than coachbuilt, it's just kind of evolved as I've been using it over the past 2 years, and I've picked up things second hand from forum members, or free out of skips etc, so nothing matches and it's definitely eclectic. I didn't really have any budget for conversion nor a proper plan - I just try something on a temporary basis and if it works, I make it into a more permanent arrangement using my own version of DIY which often involves screws and nails and superglue, and if it doesn't work or I don't like it, I change it round and try things a different way. By the time the engine gives up, I should have finally arrived at the perfect layout and fittings ;)

Main thing is to insulate first, which I didn't, and so I've got part of the van insulated, and the other part still to do which is going to involve virtually emptying the van completely :mad2: which is why I still haven't got round to finishing the insulation yet. But definitely worth doing - I've used a mixture of cheap camping mats, sheep fleece from local farmers, off cuts of foam rubber, bubble wrap and silver loft insulation bubble wrap from B&Q. There's loads of threads on here about insulation.

I tend to work on the principle that it may not be ideal, but it's better than it was and it's definitely better than nothing.


25-10-2013, 17:09
Way to go,WVW! ...Im not going to bother insulating mine (ex minibus) as Im intending it only to last a couple of years,and in the main only use it in Spain/France,so pretty warm climates. The reason Im building it is to save on Hotels on the continent,as thats where most of our wonga seems to go when we are over there. It will have made its money easily more than twice over in those trips alone.The campervan in turn will also save on a lot of the meals we usually buy in Cafe's etc .If it all works out I will get a later model van and convert that properly in a couple of years time when this one dies! As far as skip hunting goes,I consider myself as having rubbish constipation...cant pass a skip!