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crazy daisy
25-10-2013, 14:39
Hi folks. just got back from ikea in notts talk about bad parking a swift escape parked in the middle of 4 bays no wonder motorhome owners get a bad name, some people bring it on theirselves .rant over.

25-10-2013, 14:45
If it`s right at the far end of the Car Park where it`s quiet then i think it`s OK and i do that.

However if it`s close to the shop / building then they really should park in within the bays but, you then run the risk of being virtually blocked in.

25-10-2013, 14:46
Was the car park busy tho & if so, did you leave a note under the wiper in a placcy bag to stress them out? :dog:

25-10-2013, 16:06
When I go to the supermarket, though Hexie fits into two parking spaces (one behind the other) people park so close on either side that I can't leave when I want to - the overhang at the back of the van (she's 6.8metres and my daily use vehicle) is long and I can't swing out enough to turn. SO I have to use four parking spaces - but I always park at the bottom end of the parking area, unless it's the middle of the night! :D

Could be this person has the same problem. Car owners don't realise that we need 'swing' room!