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26-10-2013, 17:48
This is another thing I find difficult to use when I have to put a card into them! I find the instructions that come up on a screen difficult to read due to the glare of the sun,and the screen clearing too quick to read it all!At one place we tried several times,couldnt get a drop out,but the pump kept coming up with 20 euros taken, on the display. Pre empting all the probs with the credit card bill, I recorded date and time and left with no fuel!

26-10-2013, 19:59
we found out the hard way ,,,it take your cash off ,,as soon as you put card in ,,we pushed wrong pump button NO derv ????...
You get your money back in about 30DAYS ,,
this is there way of getting paid ,,no drive offs ,,,

after trying to get derv FAILED or gave up,,we went to the local achen supermarket ,,CARD WAS DECLINED AT TILL ???@~~##'#

glad i had a visa ,,

26-10-2013, 20:48
We had the same in Malta, France last year I only used supermarkets that let you fill and pay at the booth, only probs paying through passenger window :scared:

26-10-2013, 21:21
Along with 1000s of others I have managed to use these pumps with absolutely no problem, WHY?

27-10-2013, 05:48
Perhaps Im too old to understand all this technology. I do get flumuxed over it all! But we were standing there,crash helmets and leathers,in boiling sun,and I was getting a little ..er..wound up!Yes we eventually found pay at the kiosk ones,although ,as usual (!) we got in a muddle at the first one! If youre allowed to take fuel in a can on the ferry or train,I think I'll take some just in case we cant find a kiosk type if we get low.Otherwise I'll take the can and fill it up when we arrive.
Incidentally ,has anyone been into that semi underground petrol station at Calais?Well it seemed like it was subterranean anyway! Pay at kiosk etc and even got welcomed by a member of staff as we arrived,directing us to the required pump! (they probably had advanced warning we were on our way,as we left a trail of cock ups en route!!),but seemed a bit weird down there!

27-10-2013, 06:29
So nice to know its not just me:)

We tend to use the larger supermarkets avoiding the 2hr lunch break and never on a Sunday. That way we often find a very nice person in a kiosk who is used to dealing with clueless Brits provided they smile and try to speak a little French.


27-10-2013, 07:52
I love the French pumps where you pay at the pump. Dead easy and quick. wish we had more in the UK. Never had a problem. I use A Halifax Clarity Credit card or if that doesnt work (which it nearly always does) a Nationwide Flex debit card. A few pay at pump stations have appeared in the UK now but nobody seems to want to use them. Maybe its a Brit thing?

27-10-2013, 08:05
I love the French pumps where you pay at the pump. Dead easy and quick. wish we had more in the UK. Never had a problem. I use A Halifax Clarity Credit card or if that doesnt work (which it nearly always does) a Nationwide Flex debit card. A few pay at pump stations have appeared in the UK now but nobody seems to want to use them. Maybe its a Brit thing?

Whilst I have had trouble getting a card accepted but never at an auto pump, though many put a 100 euro retainer on your card until the formal transaction works it's way through the system. If you want a card pay pump in the UK go to Asda, they always have one, and some of there filling stations are auto only

27-10-2013, 10:14
Last week john hit the wrong button - petrol instead of Derv. Realised immediately what he had done, took the nozzle out of its holder, clicked it (didn't get any fuel) and then put it back. This got the credit card out - 0 Euros, and then he started again - this time pressing the correct button.
We usually find that they have an option to show instructions in English.

Regarding Nationwide cards, make sure you let them know that are travelling abroad - last year we didn't & couldn't use our cards!!

27-10-2013, 10:27
Don't recall ever having a problem in France with them, but one in Italy did take me a while to work out. A few minutes later as I was filling up, I heard an Italian bloke swearing at the machine, so I guess it wasn't just my inability to read the instructions. lol.:lol-053:
Had a few difficulties with the machines in Sweden as well, taping in the correct PIN at -39C is not easy. :)

27-10-2013, 10:40
Maybe. Sainsburys have just opened a new station in our nearest large town (Darlington). It has about 20 pumps but none are pay at pump. Crackers. People dont use them though. The Morrisons up the road has them and the queues for the pay at kiosk are huge while the pay at pump pumps are empty. Maybe its just a northern thing?

27-10-2013, 10:47
Not sure what they mix with the diesel these days, bearing in mind how fussy modern diesels are meant to be, but I don't think you get much diesel for your money.

27-10-2013, 10:47
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27-10-2013, 12:37
I prefer pay at pump stations. I always find it a problem parking the camper van by the kiosk window, so I park a few yards short and get out to pay.

We use nationwide credit card for goods and diesel ( I don't always remember to tell them in advance, never had it refused). We take a prepaid currency card for withdrawing cash to use in markets and small shops. This will also act as a back up card for goods if the credit card is refused.

27-10-2013, 14:20
The pumps in question were at an unmanned forecourt down the coast from Calais.
After we had got our fuel in the underground one,SWMBO walked to the kiosk,which had a barrier to stop you going through until youve paid. She realised she was actually standing paying at the point we should have driven over to (bit like going to a drive thru MC D's on foot!) The woman at the kiosk was fine about it.I was going to shout out "wide load coming through" as she walked over there,but thought better of getting "the look" from SWMBO when she returned to the car!

27-10-2013, 15:08
The only minor problem I've had a couple of times is that the machine had run out of receipts. However, I keep my own fuel log, noting date, address of fuel-stop, literage, price per litre etc., and check all my credit card statements (VISA) once returned home, and I'm pleased to say that I was charged the correct amount on the occasions that I didn't get a receipt from the pump. However, there was once an attempt to diddle me at a manned garage in Spain where I was charged 40.00 euros for fuel which appeared on my card statement in addition to the actual 38.46 euros of gazoil I had drawn (and for which I had a receipt). The garagiste had done the card-swipe under the counter and took some time about it but at the time I thought nothing of it until I returned home and saw the additional charge on my statement. I refused to pay Barclaycard and explained why and they accepted my fuel log as evidence without demur. Incidentally, I simply fill my tanks and never put in an exact amount of fuel in terms of pounds, euros, or whatever.

Interestingly, in unmanned stations, I have often been approached by French citizens who have asked me to sort out the problems they were having with these automatic pumps and ended up putting their cards in for them, pressing the buttons etc so they could draw fuel but I've never been approached by another Brit for help.


27-10-2013, 17:09
Queued at Auchan filling station in Calais after filling up for twenty minutes because card reader we on the blink, eventually they let us all go without paying, on the strength of that we went down to Sete on toll motorways ,so glad I didn't use the auto pumps!