View Full Version : Principality of San Marino - Camper Stop - 48hour

27-10-2013, 12:24
I know I am adding countries to the database at a great rate of nots but if you want to visit the principality this is a good and free place.
N-43.92109, E-12.45225
best entry is just past the Elf-Erg petrol station fork right past the Banco di San Marino Bank up the ramp. The road on the right shows on street view but not on the map.
There is room for about ten campers not particularly level but what can you expect on the side of a mountain. It is not marked at that entrance but 50 yards further on the turning to the right is marked but it is a sharp U-turn which bigger units would not make.
No services i.e. dumping but there is a tap but it is turned off today presumably for winter so may be available in the summer. The town itself is a twenty minute stroll away. There is paid camper parking there signposted just up the hill but probably not overnight. people with mobility issues I think can use the coach park nearer the centre which has a lift up to the ramparts.

A slight correction to my last post for Petacciato Marina. Parking for Campers is free from 01/09 to 15/06 then 2.25 a half day 3 euro a day. Sorry about that.

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