View Full Version : Isle of Skye 1150 miles heavier in our motorhome

27-10-2013, 18:54
Just got back from a week of touring part of Scotland including isle of Skye 1150 miles heavier
What an amazing place!
We spent the entire week wild camping and loved every place we stayed
The isle of Skye is an amazing place, the stars are amazing there with no light pollution.

So much to see n do, we will be spending 2 weeks there to do all the things we just didn't get time to see

27-10-2013, 18:57
Glad you enjoyed, weather was decent last couple of week.

27-10-2013, 19:07
Having had the pleasure of working on Sky for a year a while ago it does not deserve to be called 'The Misty Isle'. It is a wonderful spot and the locals are a delight to drink with.

27-10-2013, 19:23
We didn't get to drink with the locals but I will say they were all very polite and it makes your holiday so much enjoyable when they seem please to see tourist !
As narrow as the roads are in most rural places they were happy to give way to you and acknowledge you at the same time

Beautiful place, we hope to return next summer for sure!