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n brown
31-10-2013, 09:05
a one-legged bald man gets an invite to a fancy dress party,so he writes to a costume hire place for advice.they send him a hanky and an eye patch,with a note saying that the hanky would hide his baldness and with the eye patch and his wooden leg,he'd make a perfect pirate. the guy felt that this just emphasised his false leg and sent them an angry letter.
couple of days later they sent him a monk's habit,saying the habit would hide his wooden leg and his bald head would be a natural part of the costume. he sent them an angry note saying the outfit just drew attention to his lack of hair.
after another couple of days a small parcel arrived.on opening it the man found a tin of treacle and a short note,saying '' pour this over your head,stick your wooden leg up your arse and go as a toffee apple you grumpy bas tard ! ''

31-10-2013, 20:42
Ha Ha Ha Brilliant :lol-053::lol-053::lol-053::lol-053::lol-053::lol-053: