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n brown
31-10-2013, 11:46
a tired looking nurse goes into a bank,and pulling a rectal thermometer out of her pocket,starts trying to fill in a deposit slip with it. without missing a beat,she looks at the cashier and says ''great ! some assholes got my pen!''

n brown
31-10-2013, 11:54
a woman in a shopping mall realises her husband has disappeared,angry,she calls his mobile, ''where are you ?'' she snaps
her husband replies''you remember a few years ago we looked in the window of a little jewellery shop,and you loved that little gold locket,but we couldn't afford it and I said i'd buy it for you one day ?'' ''I remember it well '' answers the woman in a choked voice,obviously touched.'' well'' says her husband,'' i'm having a pint in the bar next door to it if you need me for anything ''