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31-10-2013, 20:40
On our recent wanderings in Italy we heard on the Motorhome Exhaust pipes that it was possible to see 18009180101801118012180131801418015180161801718018 the Costa Concordia, [sunk cruise ship ] from a local beach so we made our way there, we did not see the ship as the Eye Ties had moved it apparently but it's lifeboats were still on the beach, about 25 of them , millions of pounds worth, lovely beach to wild camp on though, we walked the causeway to the town where the lifeboats came in on that ill fated night, super town to wander, a couple of vans got stuck in the wet sand on the beach, fools to drive into the water, but there you go, we had fun getting them out,We had two nights here free,N 42.56370 E11.15423 pay in Season, 5 Euros.

31-10-2013, 20:45
Pity you were not there for the refloat, this was an engineering feat!!

Great pics..................cheers.

31-10-2013, 21:15
More great photos What camera do you have?
bye for now

31-10-2013, 21:35
Great pics thx, a small village with a big history.

31-10-2013, 21:43
Some vans get stuck easily. ;)

31-10-2013, 22:35
More great photos What camera do you have?
bye for now
Freddie:) Just a bog standard Samsung 10.2 mega pixals cost me 80 at Asda some time ago, lots of settings on it though .if only I understood them LOL I wish I could take long range close ups with it IE animals in the distance but that side of it is disappointing, great macro close ups though , I wear it on my belt as it is very compact and easy to get at and 18039180401804118042180431804418045use, if I bought something more special it would not be convenient to carry it around, thank you for your comments, Malc. 180461804718048 Note, I did not pick the Fly Agaric Fungi, some other Cretin had done that , WHY ??