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31-10-2013, 21:08
On our recent Itally jaunt we decided to visit PISA, now I like to do a drive through all cities before I park up ,so off we go, I managed to get right to the Leaning Tower in the van and was able to park for 15 minutes before the cop sitting in his car playing on his phone noticed me and suggested I moved on,which I did, that is when things went pear shaped He He , my Sat Nav took me a bizarre route into the heart of the City where I got stuck in a small square, driving in was a doddle between parked cars ,but reversing out was a different story, well in the end we got out ,lots of fun He He, we were looking for a Sosta that was supposed to be there, we drove around in circles for a while and we found we were following the River and there were parking places there so I stopped, invested 4 Euros in the parking machine that gave me 4 hours parking and I could have overnighted there,we then walked about half a mile to the Tower and Cathedral, a great day.


31-10-2013, 21:11
More great photos--Thank you once again
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