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31-10-2013, 22:03
We stayed on the SOSTA / Camp site on the outskirts of Rome 15 Euro night till noon next day 7 Euros extra to extend this till 9 pm, very sensible we thought. and rode the bus in to the City 1.5 Euros each , ticket good for 100 minutes, and good for tram bus and Metro in that time slot, buy at the camp site N 41.87595 E12.55515 Via GASILINA it is called, supposed to be 30 minutes to the City by bus but that is on a good day ????? great site very helpful staff, English spoken , all facilities even van wash and accessory shop with all your needs, Supermarket opposite,bus stops opposite for city and near for return, tram runs past site.We had a very violent thunder storm on our first night there, but in the morning ,clear blue skies and very hot ,so off we go on the bus clutching our tickets, arriving at central Rome, we decided to get the Tour Bus, open top 15 Euros for all day ,hop on and off as you like ,armed with our maps which were gratis from the Sosta we were HOT for our tour, we boarded the open top bus and off we went, but the Gods were having a laugh that day , the heavens opened and it rained as you have never seen, so in our shorts and T shirts we laughed at the gods but they won, we had to retire to the lower deck and watch the water pour down the stairs, the Japs were ecstatic about this, does it not rain in Japan I wonder, anyway we did a couple of circuits on the bus watching the sites go by , the weather then improved so steaming from the rain we then sat on the top deck of the bus and did another circuit hopping on and off to see the sites, a great way to see the city, [ cheaper tickets are available for a week or more if you want to see more [ The umbrella vendors were doing a good trade selling umbrellas and ponchos ,]the umbrellas we bought lasted 20 minutes before falling apart , but we did negotiate the price down to 4 Euros each ,He He .I won't bore you about the beauty of Rome, suffice to say it is a fabulous City.

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we felt VERY safe in Rome despite reports on here of people being robbed and having babies thrust upon then whilst the Mothers riffled through their bum bags , what utter tosh, We actually went into a Mc Donalds in Rome, how sad is that, great toilets though HE HE . the only robbery is the price of Diesel in Italy up to !.90 Euros a litre and we paid 1.80 Euros on average, only 1.28 Euros in France, Supermarkets.

31-10-2013, 22:38
Fantastic pictures, thanks for posting. Rome is certainly one of my favourite cities I have visited. I was pick pocketed there though, twice. One time I stopped them during the act, another they got my money but we (was with an ex) followed them and got it back.

31-10-2013, 23:17
Rome is lovely but once you've been thats it, I was there 2 hours & got jumped & robed &
Being half Italian I wouldn't go ne'er the place again , but good to go for the first time

01-11-2013, 06:06
Great pics thanks for sharing, may try it in the future. I had an attempted pick pocket on me but fought them in the act and they ran off, be seriously alert in Rome!

01-11-2013, 06:44
Enjoyed reading your post and nice picture, thank you
I was robbed in Rome also, and ripped off by resturant also
Don't lower your guard while in Rome

01-11-2013, 14:08
we went to Rome ,never got solicited or pickpocketed ,what a dull boring life we must lead! nice city been twice, threw the coins in the fountain again so will be going back .for entertainment sit in the square and watch the driving especially the scooters ! kamakazie or what!!:cool1: